Withdrawal from a sect

Sect is an organization with some distinctive religious beliefs about God, world and man opposing to the official confessions. Such an organization has its precise management and bookkeeping. A sect is totalitarian when it is difficult to leave it and apostates may be pursued, threatened or even killed. A sect is considered non-totalitarian when nobody prevents participants from leaving it.

A religious doctrine is considered destructive in character when the adherents under its influence commit suicide, have group sex, approve of sexual promiscuity, have abortions, don’t want to have children, reject families. A sect is considered nondestructive when the followers keep living normal life in society.

вывод из секты


  • Sinton – is an organization that has its own sacral religious doctrine. The entrance and leave is not strictly controlled but the organization persistently propagates sexual promiscuity without love, homosexuality. Consequently, this is a non-totalitarian destructive sect.
  • Jehova’s Witnesses – is a precisely structured organization which is easy to enter but from which it is hard to leave. The sect is partially destructive (as its followers don’t commit suicide or have abortions but are forbidden to communicate with relatives (who are not members of the sect) and reject blood transfusion). Consequently, this is a totalitarian sect with elements of destruction.
  • Baptists – is a precisely structured organization with free entrance and unimpeded leave. This is a neither destructive nor totalitarian sect.
  • We hope that you understand what a sect is and what consequences may follow if you do not take up right measures to save your relative.

    Private detectives of “LIDER” have their own methods of withdrawal people from a sect. We are ready to work out a strategy to solve such kind of problems.

    What we do not do:

    • We never force door locks.
    • We don’t sell special tools.
    • We never mislead our clients in respect of their problems.
    • We don’t work according to the pattern “remuneration for result only”.
    • We don’t work with those clients whose aims seem unclear or doubtful to us.
    • We don’t work with those clients who don’t leave contact details.
    • We never share information of our clients with the third party.

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