Economic safety of business

Economic safety of business (ESB) – is a way of the most efficient use of resources and capital which helps to be separated from the risk of bankruptcy, ruin, deception or robbery and ensures successful operation of business.

Economic safety of business is characterized by a whole range of qualitative and quantitative factors, and one of the most important is the level of economic safety.

To reach the highest level of economic safety the enterprise must ensure the safety of the main functional constituent elements of the system of ESB.

Functional constituent elements of the ESB are the sum total of the main directions of the economic safety of an enterprise, which differ from each other in their content.

There are 7 functional constituent elements of the system of ESB. They are:

  • Financial
  • Intellectual and human resources
  • Technical and technological
  • Political and legal
  • Ecological
  • Data
  • Defence and power

We strongly recommend you to turn to the experienced in this sphere private detectives “LIDER” to ensure the economic safety of your business.

What we do not do:

  • We never force door locks.
  • We don’t sell special tools.
  • We never mislead our clients in respect of their problems.
  • We don’t work according to the pattern “remuneration for result only”.
  • We don’t work with those clients whose aims seem unclear or doubtful to us.
  • We don’t work with those clients who don’t leave contact details.
  • We never share information of our clients with the third party.

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