Check of buildings and cars on information leaks, on the presence of eavesdropping devices

If you are suspecting that your car, apartment or office is secretly tapped you should check it on information leaks or on the presence of eavesdropping devices.

It’s strongly recommended to check the offices where the negotiations are carried out to save the important data within the corporation.

Private investigators of “LIDER” have everything for performing such a check: modern equipment, trained experts, experience.

If you want to relax and would like not to think about the consequences we can also inspect the recreational areas.

What we do not do:

  • We never force door locks.
  • We don’t sell special tools.
  • We never mislead our clients in respect of their problems.
  • We don’t work according to the pattern “remuneration for result only”.
  • We don’t work with those clients whose aims seem unclear or doubtful to us.
  • We don’t work with those clients who don’t leave contact details.
  • We never share information of our clients with the third party.

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